Board of Directors Committees

The Board President may from time to time appoint committees of the Board for the purpose of considering particular matters related to the Authority and its operations. Such committees may be standing committees which continue in existence or ad hoc committees which cease to exist when the purpose for which that are appointed has be accomplished.  All appointments to Board committees shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board. Committee membership is limited to Board members.

Board committees shall be composed of not less than three nor more than five Board Members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman by the President of the Board, except for the Finance and Insurance Committee which shall be chaired by the Treasurer. Vacancies on a Board committee shall be filled by appointment by the President of the Board.

The Board committees shall have no power to act on behalf of the Board. The powers of Board committees shall be limited to making such reports and recommendations to the Board at posted Board meetings where a quorum is present, together with an explanation of the reasons for any such recommendation. Decisions on matters referred to Board committees shall be made only by the Board of Directors.

Board committees may meet at such times and places as the committee members may determine and the members of each committee shall determine the order of business at its meetings.