Municipal Division Operating Advisory Committee

The Municipal Division Operating Advisory Committee is a standing customer advisory committee which is established by contract, and is composed of one representative of each municipal or water district customer of the Authority's Thomas Mackey Water Treatment Plant. The name of the representative of each eligible municipal or water district customer shall be submitted to the Authority as their official representative. Each representative shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing customer and shall serve until the appointing customer appoints a successor or notifies the Authority that a representative will no longer be the representative of such appointing customer. The Authority will solicit the advice and counsel of this Committee in regard to the operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and enlargement of the Mainland Water System which serves all customers within Galveston County. This Committee will be advised on matters involving the GCWA Canal Systems. The Authority will also provide this Committee with drafts of any contracts for the purchase of additional long-term water supplies for the Municipal Division, and, drafts of the annual budget, both prior to consideration by the Authority's Board of Directors.

The Municipal Division Operating Advisory Committee meets at 9:00 AM on the second Tuesday of February, May, August, September & November.